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April 25, 2021

Happy Sunday, everyone! Well, we've had lovely spring days, moderately warm summer days but, today, snow is gently falling. The big trees look happy but my grandson looked sad when he bemoaned this morning, "It's snowing!"

The news regarding our pandemic does not look very rosy -- numbers are increasing but, at the same time, more and more of us are being immunized. For some, it has involved a drive to Red Deer and for others, waiting in line at the Telus Centre. For us, it involved a very well-planned, well-executed system -- over with in less than an hour with no after effects. My husband complained that he didn't get a band-aid like I did. We were advised to continue pandemic protocol with masks, social distancing and frequent thorough hand-washing into the future. The question is, "When can we hug again?"

ACTS (Adult Spiritual Development Ministry) at St. David's has been busy preparing for service this morning. Rev. Dr. Wayne Holst will be presiding with members of Monday Night Book Study sharing their reflections on the study of Dr. Brené Brown's book, "Braving the Wilderness." Recognition for their willingness to participate goes to John Whidden, who joined our Monday Night Sessions from Medicine Hat, Fran Burrell, Colin and Marilyn Outtrim and Nancy Erickson. Deb and Brenda, also Monday Night participants, continue with their weekly technical contributions along with Brent, David (on camera) and Tapas (on computer). Of course, Rev. Debbie Stockdale was an integral part of the worship team this morning, helping with liturgy and over-seeing the process. During this special time of COVID, we are so blessed to have our community rise to the challenge of ministry to members and friends of St. David's. Bless you all. 

Council of St. David's meets this coming Tuesday night and once again, it is budget time with June's Budget Congregational Meeting looming. Our treasurer, Mike Stockdale, has prepared tentative numbers for consideration and the work of the church continues. Our thoughts are with Rev. Peggy and our office administrator, Chantal Winslow, at this time. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. 

Nancy Wilson has announced a May 7th event on Zoom. (See Events) The Friendship Group will be meeting at 7:30 p.m. to listen to Elaine Rude share her wisdom on container gardening. Nancy tells me that monthly ZOOM meetings have full house, with members and friends coming together online to enjoy each other's company. 

So April comes to an end. Who knows what awaits us in May, 2021. 

April 16, 2021

Fourteeen sleeps until tax deadline, my friends. News today said that our tax preparers are totally swamped and that there will not be an extension of the deadline this year. Oops! It's off to our tax man today.

The weather has been totally balmy and lots of us have been enjoying our walks. Yesterday, we saw large tubed bicycles and their riders travelling cross country on the sides of Nose Hill. As well, we explored the newly installed facilities just west of the Calgary Winter Club for Nose Hill enthusiasts. Bucket list item is to climb the winding stairway to one of the crests of this amazing park. I'm reminded of the work of former St. Davidian,Nancy Hetherington-Pierce and her committee, that years ago made sure that the natural beauty of Nose Hill would be preserved over time for all of us. Nancy and John, former Chairs of St. David's council, have relocated to the west coast in retirement. Regarding the Nose Hill Park, I am always amazed to see the cars lined up on the crest west of 64th -- folks enjoy the view to the east of our beautiful city. 

St. Davidians are moving into spring/summer season as programs wind down. Our Rev. Peggy is taking a much deserved break and we are most grateful to Rev. Debbie who is taking over some of the tasks of managing the congregation. The ACTS (Adult Spiritual Development Ministry) will be presiding over the April 25, 2021 worship service with the focus on "Braving the Wilderness" by Dr. Brené Brown, the book that 30+ congregants and friends studied during the winter session. Thank you to Rev. Dr. Wayne Holst, ACTS  and Rev. Debbie for your work in the preparation for this service. 

Our thoughts are with Office Administrator, Chantal Winslow, as she continues treatments at the Foothills. Filling in for her in the office is Marlene Holst. Phone calls for church concerns will still be going through Chantal and there will be someone, usually Marlene, in the office on Monday and Wednesday. Brent is usually there as is Roberto as their ministries of service continue. 

In conversation with Nancy and Dick Wilson recently, they mentioned that ZOOM is working well for the Friendship Group-- members are taking advantage of the ease of connection to participate in their programming. Last week they shared in an online theatre presentation followed by their April meeting. Thanks to all for this connection for so many in our congregation and beyond. 

Have a great week. Check out the crocuses and pussy willows and enjoy the sunshine. 

April 7, 2021

The song birds are back. I went out on our deck this morning to listen to the wee birds -- some of them have been feeding at our feeder all winter. The little black squirrel visited us but was too frightened to accept a peanut so Dave ate it. Squirrel will learn!!

On Sunday morning for our Easter Service (with Rev. Peggy and Rev. Debbie) we had over 100 computers connected to our Zoom community. For the Good Friday service with Rev. Peggy there were 60 + of us connected. A wonderful addition to our Easter services was the ministry of song contributed by members of Brent's choir as a prerecorded video. At the Friday service, Wendy, Ruth, Heather and Paula-- our quartet of faithful singers -- participated as readers. Our little sanctuary team on Sunday mornings has contributed to maintaining our St. David's congregation.

Tonight, St. David's will be represented at the Annual Delegates Assembly for the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good. We have been among the 30 some institutional members of this organization since its inception. Drawing upon the enthusiasm of St. Davidians during our Inn from the Cold program, we have continued to work toward annually established goals. Our Seniors Corner was a cornerstone program while we were able to meet in person. The Assembly will be celebrating victories during COVID tonight -- we have little noise makers to use during the program when we will unmute and let our sounds resonate over ZOOM!!

Thursday Morning Bible Study tomorrow morning will conclude our study of the Gospel of John. Monday Night Book Study ended last week so it is time to find a book for Fall when once again we will gather to share time together Monday nights. We are so grateful that we have been able to meet, visit and study in community. 

COVID-19 has moved into the Third Wave -- with over 2000 fatalities here in Alberta. Personally, we will be having our second shots next week but will be celebrating our oldest grandson's 20th birthday from afar on Saturday. We do long for a time when we can share real hugs without masks.... here's hoping!!!

Just a little reminder that St. David's Friendship Group will be meeting on Friday evening. Watch for your email regarding the particulars for the event.