November 28, 2021: https://youtu.be/3E8daBMxVMk

Rev. Peggy McDonagh, along with the Angel Voices, Betsy Woolner and Brent Tucker guided us through this First Sunday of Advent with the reflection being offered by the Calgary Centre for Newcomers. The sanctuary and chancel were decorated for Advent and the paraments with the flaming candles made their Christmas appearance, thanks to Ruth. The decorating team worked hard on Wednesday preparing the sanctuary for our first in person service since March 2020. Sacred Service Coordinator along with several of the team leaders were on hand to welcome and usher. Thanks to you and, of course, the tech team with Deb Charnuski as leader who were on hand to make sure we could see, hear and sing (through our masks). 

Housing the Holy -- Making Room -- the Order of Service is found as a File Attachment below. 

November 21, 2021: https://youtu.be/tA6pW_ImUtw 

With Rev. Peggy's leadership, the ACTS Monday Night Book Study team participated in the service. Scripture included Psalm 93, John 18: 33-37 and a secular quote by Richard Wagamese. The texts from Wayne and Brenda's reflections are found as file attachments by clicking SERMONS above. 

November 14, 2021: https://youtu.be/4bxAKe6cV80

Worship Service with Amy Haynes, Pastoral Care Ministry. Daniel 12: 1-3; Psalm 16 and Mark 13:1-8

November 7, 2021: https://youtu.be/eColSXbu52I

Rev. Peggy and the worship team led us through a Remembrance Sunday Service on Sunday morning. The service can be viewed on Youtube by clicking the highlighted address. The Sanctuary choir offered their minister of song with Heather McKeag dedicating the wreath. 

October 24, 2021: https://youtu.be/ugtNBkVAo3w

Amy Haynes, Pastoral Care Ministry, will preside over our worship service on Sunday morning. 

October 17, 2021: https://youtu.be/ks7Y_Vf7CQg

Please join with us on Sunday morning for the fourth in a series called "Sacred Earth, Sacred Work." Zoom invitations come out via email on Friday so look for your invitation. The Reflection on Sunday is "Diversity, in all its Beauty."

October 10, 2021: https://youtu.be/Zi48Z7uiPI0

Thanksgiving Sunday was all about "Expressions of Gratitude." There were many people who responded to Rev. Peggy's request to send her brief statements of thankfulness and, this morning, she read each one in turn. The Chamber Choir added their ministry of song along with the participation in the service of Mike and Dianne Trew and Ruth Cross. On Tech team duty this morning were Deb Charnuski, chair of PSALT, and Brenda Wallace and Dave Layton. 

October 3, 2021: World Communion Sunday. Rev. Peggy's second service of the Sacred Earth, Sacred Work series is built around the reflection, "Eucharist, the Fabric of God's Love." 

 World Communion Sunday is an opportunity for the wider Christian Church to move beyond historical and theological differences and worship together in active hope of genuine unity in Christ, even while we recognize and confess that separating walls remain high, and truly ecumenical Communion remains rare. May it help us live into the unity of God’s all-inclusive love and receive the blessings of such love. 

September 26, 2021: Rev. Peggy lead the service on Sunday morning with the Angel Voices offering their ministry in song.

 Check your email for your invitation to worship on ZOOM. You might choose to print the worship folder so that you can follow along. Photo credit for today goes to Rev. Joanne Rowdon.

September 19, 2021: https://youtu.be/vaAVEoVDeAY

Amy Haynes presided and the Sanctuary Choir under Brent's Direction and Garret's accompaniement shared their ministry of song with us. Contemporary Reading this morning came from Howard Thurman’s ‘Deep is the Hunger’ published in 1951. Amy's Reflection was entitled "Blessed are the peacemakers." 

September 12, 2021:  https://youtu.be/dG0wNY_j6U0

Dr. Richard and Diane Bates Christmas presiding. "Science, God and Us"

Check file attachment below for the Order of Service. You might like to print it so you can follow along. 

September 5, 2021: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otsY1n25qVo

Calgarians joined together enmasse Sunday morning for the Third Annual Pride Worship Service presented by the Affirming Network. Our Affirming Committee with Jennifer McTavish participated in the service. Rev. June Joplin, Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto was the guest speaker, Knox Presbyterian Choir offered their minister in song and religious leaders from churches, synagogues and mosques presided over this very life-affirming celebration.