St. Davidians gathered on Christmas Eve, either at the family service at 4:30 p.m. or at the candlelight service at 8:00 p.m. (or both) and were rewarded with the strength of community. Special thanks to the many people involved in the ministry for this special night. Alison, our Minister of Families, had costumes for all the participants for the family service at 4:30, while Matthew Hanson, Vanessa Hanson, Greta Goasdoué-Wallace, Bill Wray and Michael Trew led in the reflective candlelight service at 8:00 p.m with Peggy and Kelley. Special thanks go out to the choir and soloists directed by Brent and to PSALT for providing sound, light and projection for both services. 

On Sunday morning, St. Davidian's, facing excessively snowy road conditions, arrived at church to participate and/or lead in worship. Thanks to Rev. Kelley, Heather Chubbway and her December Sacred Service team, to PSALT with Tauren Wood (sound and light) and David Layton (projection), Brent and Diane Trew for music leadership and Mike Trew for reading, we were reminded of the brilliance of the story of Christmas. 


The Sanctuary Choir guided us through a traditional nineteenth century service of song and lessons. Communion was incorporated into the nine lessons. 


This morning's service solved the mystery posed by Mrs. Fletcher in "Christmas, She Wrote." Family ministry, led by Alison Demeter, involved many speakers, costume changes and, of course, White Gifts. Children and Youth, in black detective garb, hats and sunglasses gathered up the gifts found under the Christmas Tree in the Foyer and carried them to the chancel. Parents helped with costume changes and PSALT (Projection, Sound and Light Team) was kept busy with the script, ensuring that the young and older actors could be heard. This was truly a celebration of joy, marking the third Sunday of Advent. 


This morning, our featured speaker was from the Alex Centre Team. The First Sunday of Advent was part of the celebration this morning along with Jessica Fletcher, of course, accompanied by her husband as Faith Quest explored further the mystery of White Gift Sunday, Dec. 18. Special guests included the Arise Dancers who lead us through a time of prayer. Next Sunday, our guest speaker  will be sharing with us the needs at Christmas for Wood's Homes. 



"CUPS is about achieving full potential" 

Our guest speaker Sunday morning was Amanda St. Laurent from CUPS who began her reflection by complimenting St. David's for its sense of community and inclusiveness. Health, Housing and Education are the basic elements of the 45 or so programs that CUPS offers to their community. 

As well, during Faith Chat, Alison launched the GIVING TREE program with special guest, Jessica Fletcher, with "Christmas, She Wrote." Our very own Ms. Fletcher is none other than Diane Trew. Our givings this year will focus on the Alex Centre, Woods Home and CUPS. Come and pick up a tag. Donations are to be received prior to or on December 18. 


"Our future is their monument."

Worship Service on Sunday was built around the theme of Remembrance featuring Remembering, Thanksgiving, Hope and Peace. "In Flander's Fields" was read by Eldon Godfrey, the Sanctuary Choir sang two beautiful anthems and the Trumpet Soloist was Elenie Medland. The image was of the congregation singing "O Canada." 

Next Sunday, our guest will be Amanda St. Laurent from CUPS as we launch the Giving Tree Program. Right click the file attachment for details. 



The theme of Sunday's service was "Indigenous Lives Matter." Rev. Kelley recently attended Calgary Presbytery's Learning Days and took part in a session entitled "An Elder in the Making" and an afternoon session of story telling. In turn, sharing with us what she learned, she reminded us that "To remember who you are, you will sometimes need to forget what society has tried to teach you to do."

Culture matters; be proud. 


The Blessing of the Animals Service last Sunday was a fabulous celebration of pets, pet owners and pet wannabe owners. 


Sunday morning, our church was decked out in a rainbow of colours. The service featured recognition of our Affirming Congregation status, a covenanting for fall programs and the conclusion to "Tear Soup" reading during Faith Chat. Following service a delicious lunch was served in Robertson Hall. Tables were brightly decorated and the conversation was lively. Special thanks go to the Affirming Committee for making worship and luncheon so meaningful.   

Stampede Sunday, July 10, gave St. Davidians a chance to try out their flair for drama as Alison led us through an enactment of the "Good Samaritan." Special guests were her husband, Brian, and her sister who was visiting. Singing was robust and enthusiastic as Brent and Alison worked their magic. 

Aboriginal Sunday Service, June 20, 2016. Yvonne Tobin, Clarence Wolfleg Jr. and Dorothy Walker helped lead us through our sixth annual Aboriginal Sunday Service. Yvonne in her reflection challenged us to "Leave our preconceptions behind and open ourselves to new concepts. Anger, pain and sorrow are overcome by love and grace."