Picturing Ourselves in the Story

MARCH 29, 2020: 

Click on the file attachment below to find the service for Sunday morning. Rev. Peggy's Reflection can be found on the Home Page/SERMONS.   Peace of God to you and yours.

A Message from Rev. Peggy

Dear friends, peace, love and hope I send your way. 

Alas, I have not forgotten to send my weekly email with the worship service.  There are a few things different this week. 

I’ve put in music links in the places where there is a hymn so you can either just listen or join in. Also, there is a YouTube link to access a video of the reflection: In the service of love.  The written reflection will be posted on the webpage. See SERMONS on Home Page. 

Again, I invite you to prepare your worship space on Sunday.  Hopefully, people can all be entering the worship and story around the same time -- 10:00 am.    Knowing that many of us are engaging in worship together but separate keeps us connected in love and hope.  However, when ever you participate may peace and love be with you. We are continuing to set ourselves up technically for live streaming through zoom.   We appreciate your patience. 

If you know of someone who might like to receive the worship service, please feel free to forward it and remind people to send their email address to us so we can keep connected with as many of the congregation via that avenue, as possible. 

I am at the church most days, it is quiet in this building, and lonely.  I miss the laughter, the hugs, the smiles, the words of encouragement, the crazy busyness of Sunday morning, and the movement of welcome, kindness, and love.   My days seem as busy as ever with all number of new challenges and learnings.

Thanks to all of you who send emails of support, encourage and love, these are much appreciated. May we keep each other in our love, our prayers, and our hearts. 

Peace be with you, Rev. Peggy McDonaghSt. David's United Church403 284-2276  Ext. 104 

“The world is full of nice people.  If you can’t find one, be one.”