Deb Charnuski had her hands full during the busy Christmas season. Her team, augmented by other willing volunteers, prepared St. David's for several extra services as well as having five Sundays in their month. You deserve to rest, now.



Thank you to the October team led by Sally Hodges. November team, led by Betty Smith, started by serving Communion Sunday morning. 

SEPTEMBER 10, 2018 

The September team, led by Janet Clare, is hard at work, making sure that all is set up and taken down for each Sunday Worship Service. Check out the new photos. 

JUNE 17,2018

Check out the photo featuring the June team at work preparing for fellowship time. Joan Gray, Norma Rasmussen and Marian Whitman, leader. 

JUNE 3, 2018

Marian Whitman's June team had a new helper on Sunday morning. It was great to see Deb Charnuski busily at work, greeting and ushering. Deb went to Peru before Easter and flew directly from there to Ontario to help out her parents then had to return from Calgary almost immediately to be there for her mother's memorial service. Welcome back, Deb. AND THANKS, JUNE TEAM, FOR YOUR GREAT WORK ON SUNDAY. 

MAY 28, 2018

Sacred Service coordinators met on Sunday, May 27 to discuss the past year and plan for next year. The general consensus is that we have some 125 people on 12 teams who are helping to make St. David's a great place to worship on Sunday morning. We stressed the need to update our membership/adherent records but realize that it is not an easy task. 

Enjoy the photos from May's team and over to you, Marian and June's team. The value of the month of June is "Celebration" and Sacred Service really makes that our value throughout the year. 

It is our turn (Brenda Wallace and Dave Layton) to make sure lights are on, candles are lit, coffee and goodies are ready, greeters are greeting and ushers are ready to usher and collect offering at the assigned time. Oops! On Sunday morning, the offering plates came out of their storage space but unfortunately were hidden from sight until half way through the collection time. Not to be deterred, Dave used the basket for the worship folders and, along with additional baskets provided by the May Sacred Service team, managed to carry out the task while Stephen Ross, our guest pianist for the service, provided the offering of music. 

APRIL, 2018

Yvonne Adams has stepped in to lead the April team while Bonnae McTavish recuperates from her surgery. Such an invaluable service each team provides. It is delightful to come through the doors of the church to be greeted by friendly faces and watch the activity of preparation for the gathering. Meanwhile, May's team met at my house after church on April  8 to begin planning for summer and sacred service. Here's hoping!!!!

MARCH, 2018


Bonnae McTavish's April team met after service on Sunday to make plans for their coming month. Heather and Ray MacIntosh's March team. started their month in fine form, Sunday morning.The Value of the Month for March is "Adventure," and sometimes meeting all the demands for Sunday morning is truly an adventure!! 


Darlene, Frans and the January team have been hard at work. Thanks for the "Welcome Back" Lunch on Sunday. 


Well done, December team. As usual, December is a demanding month, making Sacred Service an even more vital part of the worship experience at St. David's. Thanks go to Deb and her buddy team leader, Marian, for your dedication and commitment. 


We have a new coordinator!! Awesome!! Sheryl Schoenthaler has taken Colleen Whidden's place and we are thankful for her willingness to volunteer. Thank you, Colleen, for your efforts over the past years as this very successful program was launched. Betty and her team have been doing a fabulous job this month. Thank you, November team. 


Sally Hodges' October team, along with buddy team led by Bonnae McTavish, are doing a smashing job, undertaking all of the tasks before, during and following service Sunday mornings. Their first Sunday involved World Day of Communion. (NOTE: Communion is usually served on the third Sunday of the month from October to April.)  

You will notice that the Coffee Instructions have been updated. Our time together Sunday morning after service with coffee and goodies is a very important social time enjoyed by many. We like the new little round tables!!

SEPTEMBER 2017 has the Clare team hard at work. Awesome! I apologize for the misspelling of the Clare name in the minutes for our May 2017 meeting. And now it is time for Sally Hodges' team to take care of us with Bonnae McTavish's April team as the Buddy team (the team to call if extra help is required.)



AUGUST 2017 has created some angst as we sought out leadership for the month. Kerry and her July team have offered to serve during the first Sunday of August. Stay tuned for further updates as the month progresses. 


Marian Whitman and her June team are bringing to life the value of the month, "Delight," as they greet us at the door, usher, make and serve coffee, light candles, etc.  We have such a fabulous team of "servants" at St. David's. With the blend of Sacred Service teams along with existing and long-term Greeter, Usher and Coffee Teams, we are so very fortunate. 

Team Coordinators met with Peggy at the end of May to strategize for the next year's Sacred Service program. Updated checklists can be found as file attachments below. 


May Update: 2017

Last spring and summer, Colleen Whidden and her team were busy structuring the Sacred Service Program that was launched in September. And it is now the May team turn. We have a busy month beginning with the Family Service on May 7, Mothers' Day and the Bake Sale on the 14th, Communion on the 21st and Grad Sunday on the 28th. We have some enthusiastic team members which is a good thing because the Value of the Month is "ENTHUSIASM!" 

April Update:

Special thanks to Deb Chernuski and Margaret Pellicci for stepping up to the plate to coordinate April Sacred Service Team. It has been a busy month but it was great to see new faces at the door greeting along with long term ushers and greeters whose devotion to St. David's makes it the wonderful place it is. 

NOTE: The checklist for Sacred Service is attached as a pdf below. Peruse for information.

Sally Hodges was a busy leader as were her March team of Sacred Servers on Sunday mornings. There are an unbelievable little tasks to perform before, during and after service. On March 12, serving communion was a new experience for some of Sally's team members. On March 19, they were busy connecting "Gratitude" brown baggies with the members of the congregation. The idea is to select one of the "gratitude" slips and honour it during the week. 

Bonnae MacTavish's February team ushered, served communion, provided us with coffee and goodies and, of course, greeted us with their smiles. 

SDUC launched a new and very successful ministry in September 2016 and since then each month has brought in a new team of people to help our worship service Sunday morning to become a more inclusive and shared service for our congregation. 

Special thanks to our Sacred Service Leaders who have worked hard to build their service teams:

September: Janet Clare; October: Ray, Heather and Kayla MacIntosh; November:Betty Smith ; December:Heather Chubb-Way ; January: Darlene and Frans Heynen ; February:Bonnae McTavish ; March: Sally Hodges; April: Deb Charnuski and Margaret Pellicci; May: Brenda Wallace; June: Marion Whitman; July: Kerry Duncan-McCartney; August: Your special opportunity to serve!