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November 23, 2020: 

Tonight, in addition to Wayne's guidance through the Epilog, Afterword, Appendix I and Appendix 11, we viewed: a poem written by Derek Walcott, entitled "Love After Love", a review of Fr. Richard Rohr's "incarnational worldview" as well as having a fascinating insight into the thinking of Fr. Richard Rohr on the "Second Half of Life" during which he led us through his 'Order-Disorder-Re-order' thesis. Ken Kittridge opened our session #10 by leading us through a series of four questions that directed his overview of "Universal Christ" and, finally,  we sat quietly while Fr. Richard Rohr read for us his closing poem, "A Divine Mirror" as our closing tonight. 

All in all, it has been an awesome Monday Night Book Study -- one of our finest and zooming has been a godsend at this time of COVID-19, bringing together folks from across our country, focussing on one theme and journeying spiritually together. We have much for which to be thankful. Blessings to all!

November 16, 2020:

As the end of our study draws near, a feeling of sadness overwhelms me. The community we have shared over the past 11 weeks has been so meaningful, especially during this Time of COVID-19. Tonight, Joan opened with prayer and Marni Fisher closed with a wonderful telling of way to deal with issues of life that are troubling. It gave us time to remember those times in our lives when we waited rather than acted. Thank you, Marni and Joan.

Chapter 16 and 17 really were the summation of Fr. Richard Rohr's message to us. It was interesting, picturing him, in near isolation for 35 or so days, during which he formulated his thoughts into words and tonight, as we listened to him speak about science and nondualism and on how Buddhism can make us better Christians, we were shown how "the flow" has applied to his life. Thank you, Fr. Richard.

You might want to check out the Thomas Merton video on contemplation:

November 9, 2020:

This evening we opened Monday Night Book Study with a remembrance of our dear Bonnae as Joan read a poem written by her husband and our long time co-leader, Jock. His webpage offers a treasure trove of poems and other writings along with reference to some of the 45 books we have studied on Monday Nights over the past 22 years. .

Chapters 14 and 15 continued to challenge us with Fr. Richard Rohr's interpretation of the underlying meanings of many scriptural references that we have previously been tempted to bypass in our readings. Along with videos featuring his homily given on April 3, 2016 at All Saints Church in Pasadena, California and a presentation made at the February, 2017 Science and Nonduality Conference in San José, California, we were given further insight into our book study readings.

You are welcome to spend some time reviewing the quotes of Julian of Norwich, 1343 -1416, which you will find as a video on slide 21 of the pdf of the Keynote for Session 08.

The readings for next week are Chapters 16 and 17. We are drawing to a close of Monday Night Book Study #45 -- only 2 sessions remaining. The pdf for tonight is found below as a file attachment. Enjoy!

November 2, 2020:

We are so wonderfully blessed to have such incredible people with whom to share our Monday Night ZOOM time. Tonight, Sheryl S. opened with a reading from one of her favourite books and Bernard D, closed with a very meaningful benediction. As well, our dear friend, Mike K. from Toronto, gave us an informative talk on Yom Kippur.

This coming week we will be reading chapters 14 and 15: The Resurrection Journey and Two Witnesses to Jesus and Christ. We have three sessions remaining in our study.  

October 26, 2020:

Our friends, Joanne and Howard, from Comox, BC. opened and closed our session tonight. With our candles lit, we tackled two difficult chapters of our book -- The Feminine Incarnation and This is my body -- the topics of Mary, mother of Jesus, and of the Eucharist. 

We learned more about Fr. Richard Rohr as he led us through a video on "Contemplative Prayer." Please enjoy the powerpoint (pdf) file attachment below that guides you through the readings. Next week, continue with Chapters 12 and 13. Sheryl will be opening and Bernard closing. Thanks again for allowing us to be your guides throughout this study. 

October 19, 2020: Opening tonight was handled by Ken Kittridge and the 13 minute video depicting art of the Resurrection as created by Christians over time from the East and West, left us with lots to think about as we move through this book. Both chapters for tonight, 8 and 9, offered exciting tangents for further research. Enjoy the words of Wendell Berry in his poem, "What we need is here," the bronze statue of St. Francis of Assisi examining the dirt in his hand and Walter Wink's concept of Angels as Souls and give us the opportunity to share Fr. Rohr's enthusiasm. 

Chat continues to be a place for sharing. We are such a wonderfully diverse group that our energies combined can work wonders. As our friend Marjorie used to say, "We are all climbing the mountain but from different sides." Next week we discuss chapters 10 and 11. See you there.  

October 5, 2020: Discussion tonight was awesome and Mike started something when he sang for us. Tonight Bill Way opened and closed with stories and song. Thank you, so much, Bill. For me, the significance of Chapter 5 was the reference to forgiveness... "often the most powerful display of love in action... Unforgiveness lives in a repetitive past, which it cannot let go of. But forgiveness is a largeness of soul, without which there is no future or creative action... Forgiveness might just be the very best description of what God's goodness engenders in humanity." Just a few of the quotes that stood out for me. 

From Chapter 6, page 83: "How does anyone achieve such a holding together of opposites -- things like inner acceptance and outer resistance, intense suffering and perfect freedom, my little self and an infinite God, sensuality and intense spirituatlity, the need to blame somebody and the freedom to blame nobody?... Christ is a universally available 'voice' that calls all things to become whole and true to themselves.  God's two main tools in this direction, from every appearance, seem to be great love and great suffering -- and often great love that invariably leads to great suffering." 

On Chat, one of our members reflected on the word, Metanoeite, as used in Matthew and Mark. Jesus first public word was the Greek imperative verb, metanoeite, which literally translates as "change your mind" or "go beyond your mind." Unfortunately, says Rohr, "in the fourth century, St. Jerome translated the word into Latin as paenitentia ('repent' or 'do penance') initiating a host of moralistic connotations that have coloured Christians' understandin gof the Gospels ever since." 

Thank you, Mike, for copying the 'chats' for us. I will try to build them into our Session 5 on October 19, 2020 and Thank you, Wayne, for your thoughtful analysis of the chapters and Joan, for your co-hosting. You are a blessing!

See Mike's Diary Entry for his visit to Terezin as a file attachment below. 

September 28, 2020: Fall programming is well underway for ACTS. We have come together on ZOOM for three sessions of Monday Night Book Study with our group numbering 30+. Last night, from Toronto, Mike offered the Opening and Closing for the evening, introducing many of us to the liturgy of Yom Kippur. Thank you, Mike. 

Thursday Morning Bible Study meets on ZOOM at 10 a.m. We are studying Women of the Bible with Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel and Leah our focus last Thursday. Their stories appear in the Book of Genesis.

If you wish to join either of the groups, it is not too late. The powerpoints/keynotes for Monday Night Book Study are uploaded following our sessions so scroll to the bottom of this page to open them and follow along. 

September 21, 2020: 

Thank you for joining us this evening as we examined Chapters one and two of our study book. If you would like to get a more general idea of the theological belief of Fr. Richard Rohr, take a look at the appendices in the book. You can, as well, review the video series on Christology featuring Fr. Richard Rohr.

September 14, 2020:

It was like first day of school in September for me tonight. So very good to see old friends and meet new friends. Zoom is an amazing technology and to consider that we were a community stretching from Toronto to Comox gives credence to the universality of it all. Thank you for joining with Wayne, Joan, Bonnae, Marlene, Jock and myself tonight. Remember to read chapters 1 and 2 for next week and to review the keynote(powerpoint) if you would like to rewatch the videos. Have a great week.

September 1, 2020:

Call 403 284 2276 if you would like to receive your invitation to Zoom sessions for Monday Night Book Study and/or Thursday Morning Bible Study beginning on September 14 (Book Study) and September 17 (Bible Study). 

July 27, 2020:

The Adult Spiritual Development Ministry have selected the book to become the focus of Monday Night Book Study. This fall's program will move us truly into the digital age because on September 14, 2020, we will be hosting Book Study on ZOOM as we work our way through the most recent book written by Richard Rohr - "Universal Christ." Dr. Wayne Holst is busy preparing his take on the book, Brenda Wallace is brushing up on her ZOOMing skills and we hope that you will be purchasing your book - the only cost to you for the program this fall. Contact Wayne for further details. The book is available either online or through book stores.