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Be sure to scroll to the bottom of each Session's file attachment to read the final slides. Joan Gray's notes on our evening's discussions are included as are Mike Grammar's weekly contribution to our study. Cheryl's Opening words and the image of the book she referenced are here as a file attachment/image. (Feb. 18, 2020) Enjoy! 

Session #6 -- February 24, 2020

A great session - I gained some clarity however... I believe the best is yet to come, right? How would we feel if we had all the answers??? Check the file attachment below for a recap of last night's session. 

Session #5 -- February 10, 2020

"Perceiving the World as Sacred," Granberg-Michaelson's 4th challenge in his book Future Faith, brought out a plethora of ideas, memories and epiphanies as we shared stories and heard from individuals in our world like Pope Francis, Richard Rohr and Sally McFague. Opening prayer and reflection was shared by Cheryl Campbell as she relived memorable times with her grandfather as a child walking through the forests.

One of the Sacred places enjoyed by Calgarians -- Nose Hill -- Brenda's Closing reflected upon the writings of poet Wendall Berry. Here is the link to his poem: detailing how nature has impacted his life. 

Session #6 will focus on Challenge #5: Affirming Spirit-filled Communities, Chapter 5, page 85-107. Remember that there is no study next Monday night. It's Family Day!! 

Please see

Session #4 -- February 3, 2020

Tonight dealt with the third challenge put forth by Granberg-Michaelson in his book, "Future Faith" -- that being "Seeing Through Non-Western Eyes." Together we pondered the effect upon our lives as Christians and Canadians from the paradigm shift we are experiencing over which we have so little apparent control. Because our author is American and writes from that vantage point, we have tried to incorporate the Canadian story as often as possible. Monday night we drew upon the wisdom of Charles Taylor, Rene Fumoleau, Dishna Charron, Spencer Sheehan-Kalina and Russil Paul to help us "See Through Non-Western Eyes." Of course, we willingly shared our own experiences to the mix as we tried to see how we would benefit from broadening our perspectives. There was a concern expressed regarding the vocabulary that Granberg-Michaelson uses from time to time - it pays to have a dictionary closeby. 

Jack McFarquhar opened last night and Brenda Wallace closed. Session #5 will focus on Chapter Four: Perceiving the World as Sacred. Cheryl Campbell plans to open our session. 

Remember that there will no be a class on Family Day, Feb. 17. 

January 28, 2020

Session #3 brought 24 of us together to consider the challenge to 21st Century Christianity of "Embracing the Colour of the Future." Our member from Toronto who follows our Monday Night Book Study sessions posed three questions with which we launched our study. Discussion is lively and so informative. Joan is keeping notes of pieces of wisdom that emerge.

Jock produced some slides from Reginald Bibby's new book that focuses on the demographics relating to millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) and their feelings about religion. Granberg-Michaelson's book shares demographics from the USAs and world at large so with Bibby's input we can translate conclusions for Canada. Interestingly enough, yesterday's Herald gave background to new church development in the Toronto Diocese with new churches opening yearly and mass said in 37 languages. Yes, the Spirit is among us!!

Next week we will be studying Chapter three: "Seeing Through Non-Western eyes." Jack McFarquhar will be opening. If you would like to share a short closing, let me know. 

January 21, 2020

Session #2 brought out lots of ideas and concerns as we worked through Chapter One of our Book. Wesley Granberg-Michaelson's first challenge is what to do about "Revitalizing Withering Congregations." Videos regarding changes taking place in Canada with mainline churches and the phenomenal 800,000 member congregation in Korea gave us lots to consider. One of the excitements of our study is resorting to research to confirm/contradict what we are hearing. Special thanks to Kelly for taking a closer look at the Korean megachurch and sharing it with us. 

There were 24 of us out last night, enjoying the pleasant change of temperature. As usual we discussed meaningfully, ate hungrily and listened carefully to all that was said. Check out the pdf attached below to see the Presentation - 44-02 Future Faith. 

Next week we will be looking at Chapter 2: Embracing the Colour of the Future. Granberg-Michaelson poses the following question: "What is your reaction to the author's statement that 'the North American church must embrace the changing colour of its future with its decisive shift in its dynamics of power?' (Question 4- p. 238) Each chapter he asks: "What more do you want to learn or do based on reading this chapter of the book?" Feel free to examine, question, discuss, argue... the notes that are filling up the margins while I read each chapter indicate that that is what I am doing, for sure!!

January 14, 2020

Twenty-one hearty souls braved the frigid night airs to participate in Session #1 of our Monday Night Book Study. Our book this session is "Future Faith: Ten Challenges Reshaping Christianity in the 21st Century" written by Wesley Granberg-Michaelson. I've heard from some of good folk who elected to stay home last night. The good news is that each day gets a little longer and there is always next week, right?

We listened, we viewed, we prayed, we laughed, we ate, we shared and we voiced our opinions as we came together for our favourite Monday night activity. We also spent some time last night looking at different approaches to our study. Don't hesitate to let us know if you favour our suggestions or have your own suggestions. We are flexible. 

Refer to file attachments below to follow the pdf for Session #1. Jock has added an appendix to the pdf which offers additional reading related to our study. As well, Joan has sent along her notes to Session #1. Enjoy!