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Monday Night Book Study: Session 48-02

Conversation was lively in our Break Out Rooms as well as during the keynote presentation last night. Wayne shared witih us "Seven Ideas" from his reading of the Prelude with the beginning idea reflecting on the meaning of Prelude as opposed to Prologue or Preface, words more often used to introduce a book. The quotes and videos shared by Brenda picked up on the ideas suggested and we looked at: Poetry -- not Facts, Benefits of Aging, not hunkering down, acceptance and collaboration as a way to deal with death, levity and/or gravity -- a choice, writing as a way of life and finally "aging as a passage of discovery and engagement, not decline and inaction. 

Joan opened last night with prayer and a poem while Brenda's closing shared the song "On the Brink of Everything" written and sung by Carrie Newcomer, specifically for the book. 

Next week, read Chapter One -- The View from the Brink: What I can see from here.  Have a read and prepare to join us on ZOOM. 

Monday Night Book Study: Session 48-01

How awesome to see everyone last night! We have a fairly long contact list and we had lots of people to share ideas with in Session #1. Ken opened and Joan closed. Check out the pdf attachment of last night's slides and today's reflection, "Pause to Consider."