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June 2, 2021:

We received an email/ youtube from Bill Way, Chair of the Hearts and Hands Foundation, and frequent volunteer to the Stove-Building project in Guatemala. The situation in Guatemala during COVID-19 has been dire. Bill offers all kinds of suggestions for fun-raising this summer, beginning on June 4, 20201.  

Here is a link to his video.

The experience that we had in 2018, stove-building in Guatemala has left vivid memories of the working with the people in mountainous areas of Guatemala. The voluntouring project will continue once travel becomes viable as the need continues. For more information, contact Bill at [email protected]

May 25, 2021

Adult Spiritual Development Ministry, featuring the Thursday Morning Bible Study under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Wayne Holst,  presided over the Sunday Morning Worship Service on May 23, 2021. Scripture selections from the book of John were read by Betty Smith, Joan Montain, Joan Gray, Dr. Amin Ghali and Ruth Cross. Between readings, Wayne reflected on the reading. Barbara Fischer's reading has been added as an audio recording below. 

Each semester, the Thursday Morning Bible Study group choose their focus and this winter, it was the Book of John. This fall the group will be studying the Book of Isaiah. Gathering together on ZOOM replaced the gathering around the table in the Tatanga Mani room but the discussion and sharing remained.