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November 22, 2021

Last night was our nineth session of the study on "Starlight," Richard Wagamese's final novel. Friends and family who were familiar with Richard's novel (based upon a novella entitled "To Fight No More Forever") and his writing style edited his book and the book was published in 2018. He had shared his conclusion plans and his last line was going to be "And then they began to run."  The plan was that Frank and Emmy would become a couple and they would share their passion for capturing pictures of wild life on the farm and running!

November 15, 2021

When Richard Wagamese passed away on March 10, 2017, his novel -- the one we have been studying this Fall -- was incomplete. With heavy hearts, friends and family who knew and loved Richard, recalled things he said about the plot of his novel and created an ending scenario, keeping with his values and beliefs. For next week, Session #9, enjoy reading their ending and the epilogue that "Richard envisioned for Starlight's closing pages." As well, be sure to read "Finding Father" -- a finalist for the CBC Non-fiction Prize in 2015.

November 8, 2021

Tonight we concluded Book Two: Deer Stalker of "Starlight." Featuring Cadotte, Eugene, Frank, Emmy and Winnie, the last three chapters continued to aid in our understanding of these characters and possibly to further understand how these characters helped Richard Wagamese tell his story. Story-telling was the theme of the quotes and videos viewed tonight. 

Reading assignment for this week is Book Three: Unbroken Country -- Chapters 1-5. Opener tonight was from Mike Grammer and Closing by Deb Charnuski. Thank you for volunteering. 

November 1, 2021

Our sixth session during our study of "Starlight" is completed. Next week, we will be continuing with Book Two: Chapters 7-9. Tonight's media included readings by Wesley French of segments from each chapter four through six. We viewed three videos: Richard Wagamese reading two of his poems from his book "Runaway Dreams," an excerpt from his "One Man Show" in Kamloops and a closing featuring "Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump." 

Story telling is such an art and Wagamese is a master story teller. Chapters four through six take us back to the land, experienced in a new way yet old as time itself. We observe the changes occurring in Emmy and Winnie as they join Frank and Eugene on the farm. Click on the attachment below to follow the presentation for 47-06.

October 25, 2021

Book Two -- Deer Stalker presents two polar opposites in meaning. For Frank, Emmy and Winnie, deer stalking is a beautifully positive experience bringing humans and deer together is a peaceful calming fashion. For Cadotte and Anderson, deer stalking is a vengeful skill, intended to bring the hunter and the hunted into a final conflict. 

Richard Wagamese puts the description of Frank coming into contact with the Stag into Winnie's words and emotions. He challenges us to seek the reason behind his choice. With the incredibly talented reading of Starlight by Wesley French, the words of Wagamese come to life. 

Tonight we viewed the short video with Wagamese considering "One Book, One Community" which describes the group of Monday Night Book Studiers. We are One Community coming together over One Book!

October 18, 2021

Tonight we finished our discussion of Book One- "Wild Things - 1980." We have Emmy and Winnie happily living on the Starlight farm with Frank and Eugene. Cadotte and Anderson are heading to Calgary in their search for the mother and daughter team. Winnie finally has a home and is going to school. 

Our break out session is very popular with groups of five sharing thoughts and conclusions based on individual reading. Videos tonight included a segment from Wagamese's youtube on "Indian Horse," "Learning to Hate" and "TransCanada Trail with Diane Whelan." 

Next week we begin Book Two: Deer Stalker with Chapters 1 to 3. 

Municipal Voting Day in Alberta. Results are just being broadcasted. 

October 4, 2021

We welcomed newcomers Barb and Margaret to our book study tonight as we focussed on Chapters 5-9 from Book One: Wild Things - 1980. Break out rooms offer us a chance to work in smaller groups. No Class next Monday night. See you on Oct. 18, 2021 -- Municipal Election Day. 

September 27, 2021

Session #2 of our Book Study brought together about 25 people for 90 minutes of sharing, learning and working towards our goal of 'knowing truth and experiencing reconciliation.'  Thank you for spending your evening with us.

September 21, 2021

Monday Night Book Study began its first session last night with an introduction of the study with Wayne, Brenda and Joan. With the exception of Thanksgiving Monday, our study will continue on Monday evenings until Nov. 29, 2021 on ZOOM. If you would like to receive an invitation to our study, please contact the office at 403 284 2276. Leave your name and we will add you to our email listing. See you next week. 

Our book is Richard Wagamese's last book, "Starlight."