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November 23, 2020: 

Tonight, we viewed: a poem written by Derek Walcott, entitled "Love After Love", a review of Fr. Richard Rohr's "incarnational worldview" and a fascinating insight into the thinking of Fr. Richard Rohr on the "Second Half of Life" during which he lead us through his 'Order-Disorder-Re-order' Thesis. Ken Kittridge opened and lead us through a series of four questions that directed his overview of "Universal Christ" and we sat quietly while Fr. Richard Rohr read for us his closing poem, "A Divine Mirror."

All in all, it has been an awesome Monday Night Book Study -- one of our finest and zooming has been a godsend at this time of COVID-19, bringing together folks from across our country, focussing on one theme and journeying spiritually together. We have much for which to be thankful. Blessings to all!

November 16, 2020: 

As the end of our study draws near, a feeling of sadness overwhelms me. The community we have shared over the past 11 weeks has been so meaningful, especially during this Time of COVID-19. Tonight, Joan opened with prayer and Marni Fisher closed with a wonderful telling of way to deal with issues of life that are troubling. It gave us time to remember those times in our lives when we waited rather than acted. Thank you, Marni and Joan.

Chapter 16 and 17 really were the summation of Fr. Richard Rohr's message to us. It was interesting, picturing him, in near isolation for 35 or so days, during which he formulated his thoughts into words and tonight, as we listened to him speak about science and nondualism and on how Buddhism can make us better Christians, we were shown how "the flow" has applied to his life. Thank you, Fr. Richard.

You might want to check out the Thomas Merton video on contemplation:

November 9, 2020:

Tonight's chapters, "The Resurrection Journey"(14) and "Two Witnesses to Jesus and Christ" (15) continued to challenge us as we gathered to listen, view and share. As usual, discussion was lively. Opening by Joan was a reading of a poem, written by Jock McTavish, along with a short video reading of the poem by Walt Whitman, quoted in Chapter 14. Closing, likewise, was a video with 20 quotes attributed to Julian of Norwich, 1343-1416. NOTE: three or four of the quotes went by too quickly to be easily read and each of the quotes requires extra thought. (The link is found on the pdf for Session 08, slide 20.)

November 2, 2020:

Our chapters tonight were challenging: Why did Jesus Die? and It Can't Be Carried Alone. The phrases over which Fr. Richard Rohr would have us spend time in contemplation are packed with wisdom and we are privileged during the Time of COVID-19 to come together in community to share our spiritual journeys. Our Videos tonight were excerpts from special events in Fr. Rohr's recent years and reflect his views on At-one-ment and Winners and Losers -- concepts we can carry with us into the coming week.  

October 26, 2020:

Chapters on "The Feminine Incarnation" and "This is my Body" offered lots to think about. We viewed a segment featuring Fr. Richard Rohr on Contemplative Prayer and, as one of our group commented, it is quite similar to the secular act of mindfulness. Living in the moment, being truly alive is not all that easy. As Rev. Peggy is guiding us through a series on 'Beguiled by Beauty,' we are being encouraged to seek out beauty in our day to day lives, to be mindful and contemplative in our approach to the simplest things. Fr. Richard Rohr, in his book - Universal Christ -- seems to be a collection on moments in his life where the skills mentioned here have resulted in exciting guide that we can incorporate in our day to day living. Our second video tonight "Seeing as God Sees," was a gentle challenge to practise intentional living, so basic to indigenous spirituality. 

October 19, 2020:

"Doing and Saying" and "Things at Their Depth" (Chapters 8 and 9) were covered in tonight's book study. The video, with Fr. Richard Rohr, Fr. Manning and N.T. Wright, entitled "The Future of Christianity" offered a look into the future and our evening concluded with a video presentation of images of the Resurrection as depicted over the centuries in Eastern and Western Christianity and offers its own take on the future of Christianity. Fr. Richard Rohr's interpretation of scripture is most illuminating. The attached file offers, as well, further resource items considering one of the themes of the book, namely East vs West.

October 5, 2020:

Love is the Meaning, A Sacred Wholeness and Going Somewhere Good were our chapters for tonight's session. We also had an opportunity to explore Richard Rohr's "Spiritual Transformation" Appendix II, and to hear him respond to questions at a men's conference. Again, open the attached file and you can follow our study. 

September 28, 2020:

We gathered, we shared and we viewed excerpts from Fr. Richard Rohr's online presence. In particular, we were introduced to his understanding of Four World Views. If you open the attached file, you can go to the video directly. His discussion in "Universal Christ" comes as Appendix One.

September 21,2020:

Tonight we welcomed some familiar faces along with old regulars and newcomers to our second session on zoom. Our videos in session 2 featured Fr. Richard Rohr, addressing Chapter One and leading us through the second in his series on Christology, along with a short animated talk on James Fowlers' Six Stages of Faith. 

September 16, 2020

The opening session of Monday Night Book Study, one of the longest continuously run programs of St. David's, occurred on Monday Night. There were 37 of us focussing on Richard Rohr's most recent book, Universal Christ. Our group included many of our regulars along with folks from Comox, BC, Kamloops, BC and Toronto,ON. It was great to have Mike join with us on ZOOM. He has followed our classes for a number of years on keynote but this year, he joins us on the 'Gallery' screen. Welcome to all of you!

About Monday Night Book Study

Wayne, Joan and I are busy preparing for our study of Richard Rohr's book, "Universal Christ." (available on Amazon, Apple or Indigo) We will be ZOOMING through our 10 nights of Monday Night Book Study which will be a brand new experience for us. This is the 45th book that we have worked our way through during our fall and winter sessions. (Previous studies can be found online) Unfortunately, Marlene will not be supplying hospitality, we won't be re-arranging the T.M. room or pinning on our name tags. Instead, your name will appear on Gallery View, you can set out your own goodies and keep your book close at hand. Fun!! (You can purchase the book on tape, as well.)

If you wish to be part of our study, you should contact the office at 403 284 2276 and register thereby getting your name on the invitation list. See you on the 14th.