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September 16, 2020

The opening session of Monday Night Book Study, one of the longest continuously run programs of St. David's, occurred on Monday Night. There were 37 of us focussing on Richard Rohr's most recent book, Universal Christ. Our group included many of our regulars along with folks from Comox, BC, Kamloops, BC and Toronto,ON. It was great to have Mike join with us on ZOOM. He has followed our classes for a number of years on keynote but this year, he joins us on the 'Gallery' screen. Welcome to all of you!

About Monday Night Book Study

Wayne, Joan and I are busy preparing for our study of Richard Rohr's book, "Universal Christ." (available on Amazon, Apple or Indigo) We will be ZOOMING through our 10 nights of Monday Night Book Study which will be a brand new experience for us. This is the 45th book that we have worked our way through during our fall and winter sessions. (Previous studies can be found online) Unfortunately, Marlene will not be supplying hospitality, we won't be re-arranging the T.M. room or pinning on our name tags. Instead, your name will appear on Gallery View, you can set out your own goodies and keep your book close at hand. Fun!! (You can purchase the book on tape, as well.)

If you wish to be part of our study, you should contact the office at 403 284 2276 and register thereby getting your name on the invitation list. See you on the 14th.