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 On Thursday, October 17, 6:40 pm at Knox United Church, The Calgary Alliance is hosting a Founding Assembly similar to last year`s Action Assembly. 

The purpose again is a public coming-out of the Alliance to politicians who can help the Alliance to achieve other big goals.  Currently the focus is fourfold:

1.      Truth and Reconciliation

2.      Addictions and Mental Health

3.      Reducing social isolation

4.      Concerns about the Environment  

Again we would like to support this Founding Assembly by having as many St. David`s members as possible attend the evening.  We don`t need to do anything except show up.  We can work out the details of ride sharing when we know who and how many people will attend this meeting.  Last year it was very interesting experience and proved to be very successful.   Please join me in supporting the Alliance and commit to attending the meeting. 

If you attend the Book Study, Wayne Holst will tell you about the Assembly and will also be taking names.  Or, you can commit to attending the Assembly by replying to this email by October 13 so that we can travel together.  If there is interest, perhaps we could have an early supper and attend after that.   So, the key dates are October 13 to respond to me or Wayne Holst and October 17 to attend the meeting.  Call me at (403) 282-0051 if you have any questions or just get back to me by email.   

Thanks so much!