Two more rehearsals and then the production. See you on Friday at 5:30 and Saturday at 5:30. Costumes, props, mics, lighting - the works.

REMINDER: You need to advertise our production date (April 28th) to family and friends.  If they are planning to attend the lunch prior to the production, they will need to arrive at 11:15 am with a Toonie for each person who needs to eat!  We need a head count no later than a week ahead to plan a buying expedition for food.


The Scripts are distributed to the actors who now have lots of work to do as they prepare for their performances in two plays on April 28, 2019. The long arms of the Chameleon Drama group have reached out to so many youngsters that Janice had to add a second play. Yeah, Janice and Debbie!!!

Message from Janice: 

Hi Everyone,

Deb and I were so pleased with everyone's hard work last Saturday evening!  Wow!  We also really appreciate the way you support one another and provide positive feedback!  
This week we want all of you to work hard on your lines, memorizing as many as possible!  
Bring healthy snacks and water bottles this coming Saturday evening, and please arrive promptly for 6:00 pm.  We will run until 9:00 pm.  This time, The Hotel at the End of the Road group will be rehearsing on the stage.  
I hope you all have a super week!  

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