November 21, 2019

We will continue with our study of Daniel in this session. It is also Coffee and Muffin Ministry day so come early and plan to spend a few minutes with the Coffee and Muffin Ministry Community. P.S. If you would like to help with decorating the sanctuary for Advent, then plan to stay even longer. 

November 7, 2019

Revelation - chapters 13 to 22 (spread over two weeks starting Thursday, and) Daniel - chapters 1-14 (spread over three weeks.) This means reading about 23 chapters in five upcoming weeks or about 4 plus chapters a week. You can make this fairly light reading since we are already used to reading Revelation.

Some of your bibles may have less than 14 chapters in Daniel, but read what you have and we will talk about the gaps.

The main idea for this reading plan is to continue to get a feel for the rest of Revelation and then, the book of Daniel. We will compare and contrast Hebrew (OT) and Christian (NT) biblical apocalyptic literature and discover how the books are similar and different.

I hope to send you the study design for five more weeks of this series tomorrow, but you can continue reading Revelation now with my plan in mind.


September 24, 2019

The Thursday Morning Bible Study has gathered for its first session. Check the file attachment below for a course of study.

We will be meeting again in September. Have a great summer!

Our Thursday Bible Study this winter focussed on the books of Kings. Our 10 sessions have been completed and now comes time to celebrate together for a job well done. We will be meeting on Thursday April 4, 2019 for lunch at 11:30. Check your emails for details.