Our Beliefs

Message from Rev. Peggy McDonagh

Welcome to the Website of St. David’s United church and to the beliefs page. In his insightful book, The Emerging Church, clergy, author and visionary Bruce Sanguin unfolds for his readers a glimpse of the church as he believes it will evolve in the 21st century. Many churches fall victim to the thinking that “evolving” is a means to increase numbers and provide financial stability, and that it depends on radical programming, funky worship, gospel bands, and other such “modern” features. “Gimmicks and fancy features may bring people through the door for a while,” writes church renewal expert Daniel Smith “but people won’t buy into this unless they believe they’ll receive something of worth.

Many congregations erroneously assume that it is the features and the gimmicks that people want.” This philosophy has not proven to be true. The 21st century’s fast paced rate of change, its move toward greater isolation and separation, and the increased unrest in the world, has resulted in an age of people yearning for connection, acceptance, understanding, and happiness. People are attached to all sorts of communities; however, few secular ones offer deep care, support, spiritual guidance, acceptance, and compassion.

St. David’s strives to meet the challenges of the postmodern world with creativity, spiritual guidance, acceptance and love. It is important for us to understand that as a church we are not an institution but a community and it is our intention to be a community in which divine relationships develop and grow our spiritual lives. In community we inspire, teach, challenge, love, accept, invite, include and reach out to the wider community with compassion and understanding. The health of our community lies with a staff team that provides leadership, care, understanding and guidance and people who empower each other to create its life, to seek meaning, to share hope, to give love, to act justly, to listen with wisdom, and to learn continually.

As the congregation we seek to live our mission and vision through worship, meetings, events, and celebrations. Together we strive to be a passionate, enthusiastic, open-minded and forward- thinking Christ-centred church as we seek to allow the beauty of divine life to evolve within and amongst us.