Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

St. David’s United Church reflects the values of the United Church of Canada that are justice, equality and forgiveness. The United Church welcomes everyone the same way that Jesus did, regardless of age, race, class, gender, orientation, or physical ability.

We cultivate a friendly , supportive and inclusive community of diverse thinkers. We openly embrace intra-spiritual and inter-faith understanding as a means to enrich, expand and affirm our Christian faith.

We inspire an environment of love, peace and acceptance. Our community is spiritually fed through worship, music, deep conversation and education for all ages. We grow and deepen our spiritual lives as we acknowledge our interconnectedness with all life. As a passionate forward thinking and hope-filled community we watch the beauty of Divine life evolve within and among us.

We seek meaning and ask questions, celebrate and laugh joyously, share sorrows and nurture hope, act justly and live compassionately.

We invite you to grow and deepen your spiritual life with us!

Vision Statement

Growing and Deepening our Spiritual lives in

an Affirming and Inclusive Community.